Day 8

26 May

Brett Kelley visited a lot of historical land marks on his journey today. He saw where John Brown was hung. John Brown was an abolitionist who believed in the abolishing of slavery. Brett also went to The Stribling House where Union General Phillip Sheridan used as headquarters during the war. Brett Kelley ended his day near the train station in Shepherdstown West Virgina. Brett will continue his march towards Harrisburg the rest of this week till May 31st. Please check out our updated photos and videos of Brett that helps log his journey as a confederate soldier during the civil war.


One Response to “Day 8”

  1. Dave Shuey May 27, 2011 at 2:16 am #

    Have you ever considered that you should “Jine the Cavalry”? We don’t get blisters on our feet, but other areas become sore, especially if we try to cover the distance you are. I will be traveling south to join the 1st Virginia Cavalry in Strasburg, VA and will return north after we have assisted Col. Jackson’s men in relocating a few locomotives in the “Great Train Raid of 1861”. Can I bring you anything? Some good Tennessee whiskey? Some nicely aged beef for on your campfire spit? I’ll be in the neighborhood, it’s the least a Confederate cavalryman can do for an old “ground-pounder”.

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