Day 2

18 May

Brett's foot after Day 2!

Brett Kelley is continuing his adventure as a Confederate solider marching from Fredericksburg, VA to Harrisburg, PA. Unfortunately he has encountered a few storms and blisters along the way during this past day. Brett also visited the Graffiti House and Kelly’s Ford during day 2. At the right side of the webpage is updated photos from day 2 and a video of Brett at Salem Church. Please check back tomorrow for day 3!


One Response to “Day 2”

  1. JP May 19, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    From Diary of a Confederate Soldier John S. Jackman of the Orphan Brigade…stated numerous times that his feet were so sore that he could barely walk…he even had to “cut my shoes so they did not hurt my feet quite so bad, and marched with greater ease”

    Feet that were frost bitten…feet that were cut by shells…feet that were blistered…all seemed to be common themes mentioned over and over again in diaries of soldiers…

    Must have been constantly on their mind as I am sure it is now constantly on your mind…

    Now you need to start to feel the hunger they felt on a constant basis and you will be just about there…

    What fun…

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