Safe at Home

31 May

Brett made it! Yesterday, Brett arrived at the National Civil War Museum safe and sound. We’ll be updating the images and videos of his march in the next few days, so stay tuned. It is not too late to donate to the fundraiser, please go to


Almost Home!

30 May

Brett is almost home! last night, he made it to the Peace Church in Camp Hill, and was met by friends from the National Civil War Museum. Brett will return to the Museum on Memorial Day, a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives during the Civil War. We’ll greet him when he arrives, scheduled between approximately 11am-12pm. This time is, of course, an estimate. To donate, please visit

Days 10 and 11

28 May

After entering Pennsylvania, Brett was faced with an amazing storm slashing across central Pennsylvania. He’s fine, but you can see a video of his view of the storm here. Today, Brett will be leaving Shippensburg and entering Carlisle on Walnut Bottom Rd.

Brett will be staying at the Peace Church on Trindle Rd. in Camp Hill on Sunday evening, his last night before his triumphant return to Harrisburg (marching through the ArtsFest!).

Day 9

27 May

Brett Kelley had made his way into Maryland and spent his night in Sharpsburg. Brett had a pretty hard day of walking his feet were so swollen he had to cut his socks off with his knife. Luckily some ice packs helped reduce the swelling. Brett also practiced his sewing skills by sewing his buttons on his shirt. Brett visited Grover farm where Abraham Lincoln visited after the Battle of Antietam. Brett also visited Burnside’s Bridge where the Union solders gained the hill during battle. Brett will continue to march towards Harrisburg PA. Please continue to check back for updated posts, videos, and photos.

Day 8

26 May

Brett Kelley visited a lot of historical land marks on his journey today. He saw where John Brown was hung. John Brown was an abolitionist who believed in the abolishing of slavery. Brett also went to The Stribling House where Union General Phillip Sheridan used as headquarters during the war. Brett Kelley ended his day near the train station in Shepherdstown West Virgina. Brett will continue his march towards Harrisburg the rest of this week till May 31st. Please check out our updated photos and videos of Brett that helps log his journey as a confederate soldier during the civil war.

On to Sharpsburg

24 May

As we all were enjoying the weekend, the intrepid Brett Kelley has been slogging his way through Front Royal and Stephenson VA, on to Charlestown, WV, and he’s officially breaking through into the north. He’ll be in Sharpsburg, MD until this evening. Our excellent collection of videos and images has been steadily growing, please see the video and image collections on the right of the page!

Day 3

19 May

Day 3 is over and Brett Kelley has made it from Fredericksburg, VA to  Viewtown, VA.  on his journey to Harrisburg, PA. Day 3’s weather was much more pleasant for marching. Brett marched on Brandy Station battlefield also known as Battle of Fleetwood Hill. This battle was one of the largest cavalry engagements on American Soil. After this battle Robert E. Lee led his troops towards Gettysburg PA. Pictures of Brett on the march and new videos of Brett talking about his march can be found on the right side of the webpage. Keep checking back for more updates on Brett’s march!

Brett Kelley marching toward Harrisburg PA.